Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's it all about?

Hello everyone,
this blog is going to get off to a slow and unsteady beginning. Like a toddler taking their first steps.
My aim is to provide (not create) a forum where people of differing viewpoints can discuss topics that I post when I feel strongly enough about something.
I really, really want to keep it both civil and to the point. Having said that, it is almost inevitable that things may sometimes, er, lets say, degenerate, a little.
Being no great possessor of knowledge or wisdom, I will not be claiming that the things I write are 100% valid in regards to science, philosophy or politics.
What I do possess however, is a pretty good bullshit detector gland. To an extent, I am able to discern truth from prevarication and distortion.
OK, up front - I am an atheist and a chardonnay socialist. I like to think I have 'sound morals' and consideration for my fellow man. Although I must admit that there are times when concepts such as eugenics start to display a certain appeal (the Hutaree anyone?).
I hope you'll join me.


  1. where is this bullshit detector gland you speak of ... sounds interesting