Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fun Time!

One of my very favourite blogs is Pharyngula I encourage you to visit as PZ Myers is one very erudite dude. It contains a mix of politics, (anti)religion and the negative impacts of religions, as well as actual science topics.
Most people who post on his site are also intelligent, and generally amusing. As happens though, he also draws a number of cranks, crackpots and general whackaloons. This is one of them. Guilty of storming other blogs with a stream of childish abuse and basic name-calling. When you get to his site, he ends up filling 90% of the posts as he has a bad habit of wiping and then INSERTING HIS OWN SHOUTY WORDS under the names of those posting stuff he disagrees with, even the most innocuous, or indeed intelligent.
At the risk of replicating his errant behaviour, I had fun for a few days by posting under a few different names. I actually posed serious questions, made valid arguments (even got recognition of this!) and, for a little fun, threw a few mild and non-abusive insults at him. Couldn't elicit anything sensible in response though.
I recommend, and indeed encourage you to pay a visit, have a look at what you find, make up your own mind....... then poke it with a stick!